About RSN Greater London

Stakeholder network members reflect the views and needs of disabled people in London, preferably from lived experience. The network has a Chair and Deputy Chair to help manage the membership, but it aims to be a democratic organisation ensuring all views are expressed.

Our goals are to ensure the views of disabled people living or working in London are reflected in advising the government in responding to policy ideas and other matters, as well as in raising local priority issues to their attention.

As a group, we collect and discuss key issues facing disabled people in London and maintain an ongoing agenda of priority areas with actions to gather data and stories to support the research. We represent Londoner views with the Cabinet Office Disability Unit, other government departments, regional networks and government partners.

Members are disabled people, parents, carers, family members, professionals and disabled people organisations. They have a strong interest, understanding and commitment to disabled lives. They can help bring expertise and knowledge to particular aspects which affect disabled people, like transport, employment, care, education, public access and more.

We will collaborate through online meetings, chat messaging, email, group documents, information library and other collaborative tools to stay up-to-date, active and constructive around people’s time and commitments.

Digital channels and collective contacts help us to reach people and learn from them in different ways. We can also use online research tools and surveys to build an evidence base for various agenda topics.

This network will support accessibility requirements however possible and form a democratic and flat hierarchy to build consensus and equality. We’re not aiming to wield personal agendas or aggressive instincts but to foster collaboration and collective action through mutual respect.

Please contact the Network Chair at chair@rsngreaterlondon.org.uk for any queries.